Whitney Museum

It has been a while but I had the opportunity to visit the Whitney Museum and see the Warhol exhibition.

I was once obsessed with ‘Pop Art’ and was in love with Andy Warhols art.

Unfortunately I never had the chance to see a lot of his art.

There were big exhibitions held in Seoul but the arts that were brought in were usually not his most famous art work.

I was so excited to be able to see his work that I would only see through magazines or books.

Waited a line that was quite long and bought my ticket.


And I was so amazed and happy.

I couldn’t believe that I was actually looking at all these great art work in person before I died.


I loved the arts.

However, I feel in love with the view the Whitney had.

It was cooled and I was the idiot who left her clothes and thought it was a great idea.

For a second I truly thought I would freeze.

But I couldn’t give up looking at the beautiful view.


While I was looking at the view it felt like my 2019 is going to be a wonderful year.

Had a perfect day in the Whitney Museum.


After having a nice dinner at ‘Hachibei’ me and my friend ran to the Gershwin Theatre for our musical Wicked.

Finally another musical.

The first musical that I watched was Lion King about 2 to 3 months before.

It was a nice musical but personally I didn’t or couldn’t enjoy the musical.

There were too many kids yelling and getting excited.

Well I could definitely see that the musical was famous for the great costumes and stage and also for their famous story that everybody knows.

But while watching the musical I thought a lot to myself that it was a musical for kids to enjoy.

Nothing bad about that but I wanted to see a musical where I could laugh and cry and enjoy quietly.


This time I was really excited about the musical. (After reading a lot of great reviews of the musical.)

(Nowadays all of the famous musicals in broadway shows are exported to Korea. All the other elements are exactly the same except for the script which is translated to Korean. When I lived in Korea many people would tell me how Wicked is a musical that I would fall in love. )

Having big expectations I bought myself a drink and waited for the show to start just like a child waiting for her dessert after finishing a big dish of broccoli.


It was a great show.

I laughed and cried as I wanted to.

Loved the songs and enjoyed the actors acting.

Had a wonderful night.

I hope to see another great musical soon.




3 days before Christmas I do not remember the reason why we have made a reservation to an Unagi restaurant.

It was located in Midtown East.

The restaurant had a very calm atmosphere and to me it looked like a restaurant that would actually exist in Japan.

It was a small restaurant that was located in a basement.

Because we were hungry we ordered the Omakase set menu.


(Unlike my friend I am not a big fan of Unagi. It’s not like I think  not that unagi  is not a tasty food or anything but for me unagi is a food that I can’t finish. A little too heavy for me. )

It was very delicious and I loved the rice. A little more then the unagi haha.

The rice was surprisingly delicious.

I am not sure if I would have the Omakase set menu next time.

For me the set menu was too heavy.

It was a quiet restaurant where people could enjoy a relaxed meal.



My very special Christmas

So I had spent my holidays at Poughkeepsie.

It was really quiet.

I think I never seen or felt Poughkeepsie this quiet.

Usually is I were in Seoul I would be watching ‘Love Actually’ with my parents on Christmas eve.

Well I did watch the movie.

But alone.

I was lonely but, I was fine. I know a weird feeling.

It felt like it was normal?

Maybe I’ve grown up a little more then I thought I have during this year.

Bought myself a cupcake and a candle.

Also a small fake Christmas tree. Trying to feel the holiday spirit.

It wasn’t bad.

I was happy watching ‘Love Actually’, thinking about the days that I spent with my family back home. And eating my sweet cupcake.

I guess this is what becoming an adult is?



For the second day of my trip to Manhattan I’ve made a reservation to eat in Sakagura for lunch.

It is an Japanese style suba house.

It is located inside a building.

It took me more then 10 minutes to figure that out haha.

We were a little earlier then our reservation time but we had to wait for a while to get seated.

There were a lot of people.

My friend and I ordered a lot. Like a lot.

We’ve ordered too much that I had to hold my plate in my hands so that the food would fit in our table.

It was a funny scene.

The reason why we wanted to visit this place was because of the uni soba.

My friend loves uni and he wanted to try the limited uni dish so bad that we made a reservation for it.



I was quite worried that it would taste bad but it was a great dish.

The uni itself was very fresh and had no malodor taste which I was very concerned about.

Also the soup itself had a strong uni taste.

Overall it was a delicious restaurant that actually was able to make a similar taste to as I ate in Japan.

I would definitely come back to eat again.


Atomix Bar

I had a very nice opportunity to stay in a house in manhattan for 4 days.

It was my first time ever to visit the city for quite a long time without the worry to work.

The very first place I went was the Atomix Bar.

While working in Atoboy as an extern I had only visited Atomix bar once with my father.

The cocktails were delicious but I was so full that we didn’t try any food.

So this time me and my friend were really excited to try the fried chicken!

It isn’t just a fried chicken but is filled with rice and has no bone inside.


We had a fantastic night.

There were people who we knew, the drinks look so beautiful and tasted even more beautiful, to foods were delicious.

Just amazing.

Also the chef came up stairs and said hello to us (Both of us worked in Atoboy at the same time.). And! everything that we ate and drink was on the house.

Thank you JP chef.

It was a situation that I had never experienced. Felt weird but great.

A fantastic drink with food that was free…? Fantastic. A dream come true.

I hope I will soon get the opportunity to dine in Atomix.



So I just found out my ex is dating his sous chef who he meet during the externship when we were still dating.

Oh it feels like shit shit shit shit~~

And he is thinking that he could still talk to me and text me?

It is only been a month and a half and he jumps in a new relationship and! is showing her off everywhere?

Seriously where is his manner.

Okay, so while I was learning that he was dating his new fantastic girlfriend I was in baking class.

When a Culinary student is finished with his or her externship and comes back.

The first class we get to listen is Baking.

It is one of the most easiest classes we are going to take until the end of our AOS.

I personally do not like baking. (I have a bad memory of trying to make a bread that became into a thick rock.)

I don’t think every baking class is going to have the same class schedule.

For me the class was making bread and desserts for the egg.

We have four stations. Lamination, Bread, Cookies, Dessert.

Everybody gets the chance to work in all of the stations.

I liked working in the Lamination bread team. Where we make croissant, apple turn over, bear claws and etc.

Recently I’ve been working in the dessert station and it was a mess for the first two days.

We got everything mixed up.

But we managed to become better.

What I have learned from this class is that it is harder to bake than it looks.

And baking is much more like a science project.


This is the fruit tart that we made.

Made with cookie dough, fresh pastry cream and  fresh fruit topping, finished with apricot glaze.